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Download The JKC ToyMaster App and Unlock the Offers!


What can be more satisfactory than shopping more at discounts? We all look up to offers to align our budgets, and when a brand comes up with exciting offers, almost all of us jump to be the first. Competition is high! You can say, the offers and discounts have solved the dilemma “To Buy, or Not to Buy!

It is true, various attractive offers and discounts encourage the buying capacity for most buyers – everyone dreams of owning some brand products, which may be tough on the wallet; but when the discounts and offers are available, fulfilling the dreams become easier.

JKC Toymaster, your very own online toy store has introduced a few lingering offers. Saying no is really not so easy. You must know JKC Toymaster has always emphasized its customers and prioritised their buying capacity. We can understand how much our friends love toys and equally cherish offers, discounts and prizes we come up with. Likewise, we have come closer to our clients – we feel delighted when we see the eagerness with which our customers grab our offers.

Here is a sneak peek at the different offers and discounts JKC Toymaster has currently flourished –

  1. We have launched a new mobile app. What should be the benefits?

Well, the first 500 downloads will be receiving €10 discounts by using the code JKCAPP10. Available for Android and iOS versions – whatever device you use, visit Playstore or App Store to download.

  1. €200 GIFT VOUCHER for 1 lucky winner for these brands – BERG, Melissa & Doug, Bruder, SIKU, POKEMON, Playmobil, Schleich and LOL

Which do you think is suitable for you? Try out both. You may not know when you become the winner.  Download the app and be sportive to try your luck.

However, here is not the end. We have always supported the gaming spirits, and we shall continue bringing up such interesting offers you can avail of on time. As you know, we encourage playing time for both kids and elders. Yes, playing time is when parents and children, or friends or siblings spend time together.

Yes, another trick to keep the kids away from digitization!

Allow your kids to maximize their playtime and build up their imaginative and problem-solving skills. They will surprise you with their prompt response to situations when they are at their playtime. How do you think it is possible? – Kids have sharper creative and imaginative skills.

Utilize the offers and give your kids the toys they love – let them playfully grow before your eyes. This pleasure is just unmatched!

Keep in mind, offers do not last long. Although one offer replaces the other yet there is no possibility the gone-by offer will pop up. Forget procrastinating! The offer we have brought up is time-bound. Very soon, we shall come up with more such exciting offers. As long as the time is young – avail the available offer right now.

JKC Tomaster Mobile App

JKC Toymaster Has Launched An User-Friendly Mobile App


Can you say only kids love toys and not you? Whatever may be your age, you will always want to become younger. For ages, toys have been the mediums to connect the child with their childhood. However, the concept has been modified and generations dote on toys, irrespective of their age and gender. Toys have always been, and will always be a popular choice to gift for any occasion. JKC Toymaster always boosted interest in buying toys.


After many years of maintaining and doing business with a high-performing website, JKC Toymaster has now launched a new app. Following the trends, JKC Toymaster has made it easy to order toys online with its newly launched app.


The app is functional on both Android & iOS devices. The website remains, but the app is now going to linger the mobile users to take the privilege of quick buying. The procedures for placing the orders remain the same both for the app as well as website. As an attractive offer, JKC Toymaster has introduced an exciting offer –


First 500 downloads will receive €10 discount, by using the Code JKCAPP10.

How Do You Think the Mobile App Will Give You the Flexibility to Buy Toys From JKC Toymaster?


  • After downloading the app on either your Smartphone or Smart tablet, then create an account.
  • The first step to enter into the world of toys is creating a user account for yourself.
  • Use your email id to sign up and future log in.
  • Keep the details saved, so there are no headaches of entering the user login and password every time you are about to buy toys.

Once done, you are ready to explore the online toy store.


  1. Big Brands Are Just A Few Clicks Away

As you click on the brands of your choice, the page swiftly opens. Next, check the toy types and go on to order.


  1. Safe Payment Gateway Is Integrated Into The E-Commerce Store

As is the norm with all other E-Commerce stores, JKC Toymaster is updated with the requirement. As per the Privacy Policy, none of your details will ever be leaked to a third party – whatever information will be shared, is only to help you with a smooth customer journey. So, get peace; your payment details are safe with us.


  1. Browse, Order, and Add To The Cart At Your Freewill

Whether you are travelling (mind it, we did not say driving!), or relaxing on your bed – you can order toys, without having to take out your laptop and sign in. Already you are holding the mobile and the liberty is all yours. Browse as you want to, and choose a suitable toy either to support your collection passion or to play with a kid at home.

Say, you are short on budget – so what! Add your chosen toys to the cart. Buy when your wallet gives the green signal.


  1. Referring Your Friends and Family is Easier Using The Mobile App

Often your associates are on the lookout for a reliable online store with lingering offers and discounts to buy toys – JKC Toymaster is apt. Referring to using the mobile app is indeed easier.


Download the JKC Toymaster APP, make yourself ready for flexible and quick purchasing. Moreover, the variety of toys JKC is offering is difficult to say no to. Whether indoors or outdoors toys, buy them using our mobile app.


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Items You Must Look For When Building A Toy Farm

If you have an enthusiastic little farmer in your house then choosing the perfect toy farm buildings play set or some individual farm toys to let them explore more about it becomes very important to you. Tiny tractors, adorable farm animals, and wooden fences will surely allow your kid to discover a whole new world of a farm without leaving the house.

While choosing interesting farm toys for your youngster it can be a little bit confusing for you to pick up the essential one among a lot of pieces. Here are some playthings that you can choose to make a perfect farmyard for your kiddo. Let’s have a look –

One Perfect Tractor

No toy farm buildings play set is complete without one perfect tractor. There are so many make and models available in the market, so you can choose one that is made with good quality material. If you are not so familiar with makes then you can simply go for some bight coloured tractors like red, blue or green.

Tractor Trailers Are Good Too

After choosing the tractor the next essential toy is a tractor trailer. A trailer is something that can give your child a chance to carry farm loads or farm animals from one corner to another corner of the lawn. The most interesting part is although the tractor trailers are small in size but still they are specifically designed to carry livestock and some others for bales.

Some Amazing Farm Animals

The selection of farm animals for your kid is the most interesting and creative job. If you are aiming to give your child a good experience with farm animals then you can choose a mixed-scale farm animal set. In case your youngster is keen on one particular type of farm animal then you can also go for that particular one.

For More Aesthetic Vibe Add Farm Fences

While selecting essential toys to make a perfect farmyard don’t forget about farm fences. Fences can take the entire look of the farmyard to the next level. Wooden fences are the most popular choice for toy farm buildings game but you can also get some magnetic fences as well to increase the farm’s aesthetic appearance.

Bales For An Extra Addition

In addition, you can also choose bale to make the farmyard more realistic and appealing. As per your kiddo’s preference you can choose white or yellow coloured bales. Not only that you can get a size option while selecting bales like round-shaped bales or square-shaped bales.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned information will definitely give you good ideas to select and collect the most essential farm toys for the toy farm buildings game. Moreover, you can also collect other items whatever you desire to make the farm more interesting.

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Top BERG Champion Trampoline Features That Sets Them Apart

BERG is one of the world’s leading toy manufacturers. The champion trampoline is one of their most popular products. Trampolines are fun for everyone, from kids to adults. A trampoline may be used in a variety of ways. It may be utilised for both recreational reasons by youngsters in the garden. Adults can use it to improve their fitness. The BERG Champion Trampoline is one of the top trampolines in its class, but what sets it apart from the competition? We’ve highlighted some of the key elements that distinguish BERG’s trampoline from others:


Higher leaps indicate greater pleasure. The airflow approach was designed to help you achieve greater leaps. When compared to a standard jumping mat, this one allows for 50% more air penetration. Higher jumps are possible because adequate airflow minimises resistance while jumping. The airflow product innovation is only available on the BERG Champion and BERG Elite Trampoline versions.


Appropriate jumping area is the section of the jump mat that offers the best jumping experience. When you jump outside of this section, you will feel as though you are being pulled towards the centre of the trampoline. TwinSpring Gold Springs are installed atop trampolines in the shape of a “V.” When compared to ordinary spring trampolines, this offers users a larger ideal jump area.

Another advantage? The slanted placement of the spring in BERG Champion Trampoline is that it allows the springs to be longer without compromising the area of the jump mat. As a consequence, the trampoline is more secure and fun to use!


The padding of the BERG Champion Trampoline is UV-resistant. The edge is exceptionally durable due to the excellent material and precision craftsmanship. Due to its thickness of 30 mm and breadth of 380 mm, the BERG Champion Trampoline’s protective edge is highly safe. With the thick PVC top and bottom layers, the protective edge lasts an extra long period.


The frame of the BERG Champion trampolines has a very long lifespan. This is due to the large diameter of 42 mm and the 2 mm wall thickness. Furthermore, the most trampolines’ frames are protected by a thick zinc coating, whilst the BERG trampolines’ frames are covered by a durable black powder coat. As a result, the frame is very resistant to corrosion.

For these characteristics, BERG’s champion trampoline stands out from the crowd. While there are many trampolines in the market, none compare to the quality of product offered by BERG Champion Trampoline. As a result, they are the most often purchased trampoline in the market.

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Easy 5 Steps Process To Install BERG In-Ground Trampoline


Trampolines are fun, exciting and healthy sports gear to play with or used for fitness by kids and adults. In-ground trampolines are a great addition to gardens. But, in smaller gardens or medium-sized gardens that are otherwise well-landscaped, the trampoline may detract from your outside space.

An in-ground BERG trampoline is the appropriate solution in these situations condition, as they are more aesthetically pleasing. While one may see it as a huge commitment, it is not. With an above-ground trampoline, the risk of kids falling and getting hurt is always there. For an above group trampoline, you have to trim tree branches for safe usage. But an in-ground trampoline will help overcome all such hurdles. Even with such benefits in sight, people hesitate to buy BERG in-ground trampoline, whereas BERG’s above-ground trampoline sells quicker. Why? Most people are either hesitant to install it in their garden or don’t know how to. Here’s a quick step guide to help you easily install a BERG in-ground trampoline.

Step 1:

If you’re installing a circular BERG in-ground trampoline, secure one end of the tape measure near the centre of where you want to sink the trampoline and mark the radius of the circle with a stick or screwdriver. You can outline the circle’s diameter with paint or flour as you proceed.

Step 2:

Depending on your skill, you will decide whether to dig the hole by hand or with a mechanised digger. Some people employ a contractor while others handle it themselves. The extra soil can be donated to a community garden or allotment or utilised as topsoil in other areas of the garden. Keep in mind that the hole should be the same depth as the BERG in-ground trampoline.

Step 3:

You must consider drainage if you reside in a region with clay soil or a high water table. Whereas folks in other locations may be able to build a soakaway by putting a layer of gravel at the base of their BERG in-ground trampoline pit, those in clay soil areas may need to install a drainage pipe or an electric drainage system.

Step 4:

If you reside in a sand-soil location, make sure you stabilise the walls of your BERG in-ground trampoline hole to prevent collapse, although this may not be an issue because the hole will not be very deep. Alternatively, the BERG In-Ground Champion 9ft Trampoline has short legs designed for installation over a bowl-shaped pit, eliminating the need for straight walls that may collapse.

Step 5:

This is the easy part after all that physical labour! Follow the directions on your BERG in-ground trampoline to guarantee proper assembly, then carefully lower it into the hole, ensuring sure it’s secure. Then it’s time to play!

Thus, if you’re planning on installing a BERG in-ground trampoline and don’t know how to, now you know. You can easily now plan the installation ahead of time before buying BERG’s in-ground trampoline.

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The Trampoline Gymnastics Moves The Gymnasts Do And You Must Try


Renowned as a breathtaking sport, trampoline gymnastics are taken up by the modern-day trampolinists to reach heights nearing 10m, which is almost 33ft. Sometimes, they even go far as to touch the ceiling. A sport in its own rights, trampoline gymnastics is a majorly acknowledged training tool for most gymnastic disciplines and diving sports.
Having a Berg Champion trampoline installed in your backyard and practising on it will even give you a feeling of a gymnast as soon as you start.

Now, trampolining gymnastics has been newly added to the Olympics schedule. Its debut has been in 2000 at the Sydney Games, regardless of the training aspects it introduced to the other sports. Seven judges analyze the competition, two of them evaluate the routine difficulty, while the other five judges judge the execution. The scoreboard is within the 0 to 10 range. The trampoline consists of a nylon cloth strung with 120 pins surrounded by a thick mat at each end for cushioning the impact if anyone commits a misjudgement.

So, What Are The Trampoline Gymnastics Moves You Should Begin With
Two routines are laid down for performing; the first is a compulsory routine comprising 10 elements and the second is an optional freestyle–like routine having no limits for demonstrating 10 different skills. The gymnasts aim to stay within the 2m x 1m target area on the trampoline.

Trampolining has its own language and the major moves are named after its inventors. The common trampolining moves you can practice on Berg Champion Trampolines include –

i. Adolph Trampolining
A front somersault with 3 and a half twists.

ii. Baranis Trampolining
A forward somersault with a half twist

iii. Dolphin Trampolining
The move starts on the back with a front somersault and lands on the back.

iv. Liffis Trampolining
A double somersault with a twist.

v. Triffis Trampolining
Triple somersault in combination with a component of twist.

vi. Randolph Trampolining
A forward somersault with 2 and a half twists.

vii. Rudolphs Trampolining
A forward somersault with 1 and a half twists.

By now, you might be wondering how should you train yourself on your Berg Champion trampoline, then the best is to follow the video clips. Search on Youtube to know how should start practising these above-mentioned moves.

At the Olympics, only the individual events have appeared, even if there are trampolining of other types, which include synchronized trampolining, double mini–trampolining and tumbling. In the eyes of the Olympics, it might be a new sport, but at any time, you can set up your customized Olympic session on your Berg Champion trampoline.

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Drainage Solutions You Should Follow for In-Ground Trampolines


In the beginning, in-ground trampoline installation might seem simple – like digging a measured hole and accommodating the in-ground trampoline structure inside the hole. But, the reality is twisted and different. Safe and durable in-ground trampoline installation and continuation calls for planning the walls, retention and ventilation, along with detailed planning on draining out excess water likely to gather inside the trampoline pit if not thought of earlier.

Is a Drainage System Needed For an In-Ground Trampoline?
The one-word answer to this question is YES. Unless your residing area is of a very low water table, then the trampoline hole is at risk to be filled with water when the storm will rage on. So, other than dealing with such a scenario when it has already taken place, the best action to take is being proactive to create a drainage system while initially installing your sunken trampoline.

The Drainage Options for the In-Ground Trampolines
After you buy in-ground trampolines and check out the videos on the installation, then it is time to follow the ways for accomplishing adequate drainage for the in-ground trampoline.

1. Temporary Drainage Pumps
If excessive rainfall is not expected based on your area’s soil and climate, then the ideal solution is the temporary drainage pump and an extension cord. Plugging the pump in, and inserting the inflow hose onto the trampoline pit, it should be switched on and then the excess water will be drained out sooner.

2. Permanent Drainage Pumps
In case, you are foreseeing water retention to be the continuing problem under the in-ground trampoline, then you need to think of having a permanent drainage pump into the trampoline pit at the time of the installation process. All these permanent pumps have to be placed under the trampoline by connecting to a permanent electric source. You will have to dig a small trench for the outlet hose and cable. These are turned on typically by using a switch in the shed or garage or else with a float switch turning automatically on when the water rises to a particular level.

3. Drainpipes
Drainpipes as the drainage solution are the most pocket–friendly and easiest option. You have to dig a trench from the trampoline pit’s bottom and connect it to the nearby drainage pitch. Next, place a 4” drainage pipe into the trend for the water to whisk away automatically.

4. Drainage Pits Or Else Soakaway Holes
You have to dig a small 2′ x 2′ x 2′ hole in the trampoline pit’s centre and fill it up using gravel for implementing this drainage solution. Also known as the French drain, this hole soaks up excessive water so the trampoline pit is fine and dry.

Allowed water under or on the trampoline will definitely damage the materials. Thus, needless to mention your investment will be turned down to the water. That is why taking preventive measures as precautions makes sense, and so implement the drainage systems. The needed information has been shared here, now it is your time to take up the necessary steps.

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JKC Toymaster launching a brand new Berg PlayBase


The all-new Berg PlayBase is an outdoor play concept for everyone. Helping families spend a quality, fun time together. It has a unique design, comes with several detachable accessories and more that is yet to come. The high-grade build quality and the latest feature ensures all-around safety for all of its users. Made with a patented tube connection technique. The design is easy on the eyes. It is compact on the ground and stable underground. Furthermore, it comes in different sizes.

Multi-functionality: Berg’s PlayBase comes with more than 12 different accessories more that are yet to come. These accessories are detachable.

Patented Technique: The connecting tube technique is all unique; it is a patented technique. Thus, ensuring more stability and safety for its users.

Built quality: Berg PlayBase is made with premium quality steel. The steel frame is coated with anti-corrosion and powder coating.

Aesthetic: With its sleek, geometric and minimal design, it looks and feels very luxurious and modern. The accessories are accented with natural rope and wood.

Design Stability: It is engineered in a way that the foundation stays firm to the ground for years to come, without any use of concrete. It requires minimum soil displacement.

Sizes: It comes in two different sizes; it is accommodative in large and medium-sized yards.

“Berg brings you an all-new PlayBase experience that can be used for play, sport and lounge. Berg’s brand name is synonymous with safety, security and reliability. They always launch user-centric products. PlayBase is an exciting product that is incomparable in the market. There is no product as unique and well-engineered as this one. ” CEO said. “It is a family-oriented product. What strikes to me and will strike the customers the most is that it can have unique combinations of attachment varying from family to family.”

JKC Toymaster is the first to bring the all-new Berg’s PlayBase to the market. Shop exclusively with us to get your hands on the PlayBase first.