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JKC Toymaster launching a brand new Berg PlayBase

March 10, 2022


The all-new Berg PlayBase is an outdoor play concept for everyone. Helping families spend a quality, fun time together. It has a unique design, comes with several detachable accessories and more that is yet to come. The high-grade build quality and the latest feature ensures all-around safety for all of its users. Made with a patented tube connection technique. The design is easy on the eyes. It is compact on the ground and stable underground. Furthermore, it comes in different sizes.

Multi-functionality: Berg’s PlayBase comes with more than 12 different accessories more that are yet to come. These accessories are detachable.

Patented Technique: The connecting tube technique is all unique; it is a patented technique. Thus, ensuring more stability and safety for its users.

Built quality: Berg PlayBase is made with premium quality steel. The steel frame is coated with anti-corrosion and powder coating.

Aesthetic: With its sleek, geometric and minimal design, it looks and feels very luxurious and modern. The accessories are accented with natural rope and wood.

Design Stability: It is engineered in a way that the foundation stays firm to the ground for years to come, without any use of concrete. It requires minimum soil displacement.

Sizes: It comes in two different sizes; it is accommodative in large and medium-sized yards.

“Berg brings you an all-new PlayBase experience that can be used for play, sport and lounge. Berg’s brand name is synonymous with safety, security and reliability. They always launch user-centric products. PlayBase is an exciting product that is incomparable in the market. There is no product as unique and well-engineered as this one. ” CEO said. “It is a family-oriented product. What strikes to me and will strike the customers the most is that it can have unique combinations of attachment varying from family to family.”

JKC Toymaster is the first to bring the all-new Berg’s PlayBase to the market. Shop exclusively with us to get your hands on the PlayBase first.

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