JKC Toymaster Has Launched An User-Friendly Mobile App

June 16, 2023


Can you say only kids love toys and not you? Whatever may be your age, you will always want to become younger. For ages, toys have been the mediums to connect the child with their childhood. However, the concept has been modified and generations dote on toys, irrespective of their age and gender. Toys have always been, and will always be a popular choice to gift for any occasion. JKC Toymaster always boosted interest in buying toys.


After many years of maintaining and doing business with a high-performing website, JKC Toymaster has now launched a new app. Following the trends, JKC Toymaster has made it easy to order toys online with its newly launched app.


The app is functional on both Android & iOS devices. The website remains, but the app is now going to linger the mobile users to take the privilege of quick buying. The procedures for placing the orders remain the same both for the app as well as website. As an attractive offer, JKC Toymaster has introduced an exciting offer –


First 500 downloads will receive €10 discount, by using the Code JKCAPP10.

How Do You Think the Mobile App Will Give You the Flexibility to Buy Toys From JKC Toymaster?


  • After downloading the app on either your Smartphone or Smart tablet, then create an account.
  • The first step to enter into the world of toys is creating a user account for yourself.
  • Use your email id to sign up and future log in.
  • Keep the details saved, so there are no headaches of entering the user login and password every time you are about to buy toys.

Once done, you are ready to explore the online toy store.


  1. Big Brands Are Just A Few Clicks Away

As you click on the brands of your choice, the page swiftly opens. Next, check the toy types and go on to order.


  1. Safe Payment Gateway Is Integrated Into The E-Commerce Store

As is the norm with all other E-Commerce stores, JKC Toymaster is updated with the requirement. As per the Privacy Policy, none of your details will ever be leaked to a third party – whatever information will be shared, is only to help you with a smooth customer journey. So, get peace; your payment details are safe with us.


  1. Browse, Order, and Add To The Cart At Your Freewill

Whether you are travelling (mind it, we did not say driving!), or relaxing on your bed – you can order toys, without having to take out your laptop and sign in. Already you are holding the mobile and the liberty is all yours. Browse as you want to, and choose a suitable toy either to support your collection passion or to play with a kid at home.

Say, you are short on budget – so what! Add your chosen toys to the cart. Buy when your wallet gives the green signal.


  1. Referring Your Friends and Family is Easier Using The Mobile App

Often your associates are on the lookout for a reliable online store with lingering offers and discounts to buy toys – JKC Toymaster is apt. Referring to using the mobile app is indeed easier.


Download the JKC Toymaster APP, make yourself ready for flexible and quick purchasing. Moreover, the variety of toys JKC is offering is difficult to say no to. Whether indoors or outdoors toys, buy them using our mobile app.


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