5 Popular Berg Buddy Models Between 355 to 500 EURO Price Range 

August 10, 2023


Berg Buddy has become a very popular choice among children and their parents due to its countless benefits. Parents are nowadays involving their children so much in go-karting just to help them to boost their self-confidence in a playful manner. But when it comes to selecting a quality Berg Buddy, then there are a lot of things that one should consider just to make the right purchase. The kid’s age, height, weight, go-kart model, brand everything matters a lot. Along with it, there is another important factor which is budget. Generally, you can get Berg Buddy in between €355 to €500 price range. Let’s have a look –


BERG Buddy Lua

BERG Buddy Lua is one of the popular types of go-karts that comes with a very budget-friendly price. It comes to around €400. But the budget doesn’t compromise its amazing features like – an adjustable steering wheel, seat, pneumatic tires, stable pedals, swing axle and many more. Apart from budget and features, the colour contrast of this go-kart makes it more attractive to children.


Jeep Junior Pedal Go Kart

Jeep Junior Pedal Go Kart also comes with amazing features that other go-karts have, but the outer look of it makes it different from other go-karts. Starting from steering to wheels, every single thing of this go-kart can give a child a perfect jeep riding vibe. But its extensive range of features and appealing design doesn’t make it expensive, you can get it around €400.


BERG Buddy John Deere

This type of Berg Buddy is quite stable to provide your kids with the safest go-karting experience. BERG Buddy John Deere is made with high-quality material and comes with amazing features. Not only that, it can carry up to 50 kg and is best for children between 3-8 years. More importantly, it is not too expensive and comes within €400 so one can easily buy this one for their kiddo.


BERG BMW Street Racer

The classy-looking BERG BMW Street Racer is perfect for your racing enthusiast. It can give them the ultimate excitement and fun at the same time. It comes with a safe coaster brake and swing axle that is perfect for maintaining high safety on any uneven road. But this type of go-kart is a bit more expensive than any other type of go-kart available in any online or offline store. It cost more than €450.


BERG Buddy Cross

BERG Buddy Cross comes with a very moderate range, you don’t have to break the bank to buy this go-kart. This type of go-kart comes within €400. The simple and trendy look of this type of go-kart is quite attractive. Apart from its design and outer look, it also comes with amazing features that ensure a kid’s safety on the road.


Go-karts price does not depend on a particular thing, there are a lot of things that can affect their pricing. This a basic price range of Berg Buddy, you can explore more products at any reliable online and offline store.

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