How To Winter-Proof Your Berg Playbase?

April 19, 2024


With beautiful scenery covered in frost and warm evenings by the fireplace, the Irish winter has a certain allure. However, it also brings wind, rain, and sporadic snowfall. Even though your kids will have a ton of fun at the Berg Playbase, it needs to be ready for the colder winter months. Here are some important pointers for caring for your Berg Playbase and making sure it’s ready for playtime once you sense is the homecoming of springtime:

Securing the Sandbox:

Rain is the scourge of every Irish winter. The sandbox on your Berg Playbase needs maintenance to keep it from turning into a miniature lake.

Cover Up:

Get a premium, water-resistant cover made especially for your Berg Playbase model. This will protect the sand from sleet, rain, and leaves.

Move the Sand (Optional):

If you have the room, think about bringing the sand inside for a while, into a garage, shed, or even a big plastic container. This is especially advised if you anticipate a lot of rain or extended damp weather.

Preserving the Wooden Structure:

To avoid decay and warping, your Berg Playbase’s lovely wooden structure requires some wintertime care.

Give it a Drink (Before the Rain Does!):

Treat the frame with a water-repellent solution made especially for outdoor wood before the rainy season begins. This will produce a moisture-resistant barrier.

Remove Debris: 

Keep the area around the Playbase’s base clear of leaves, twigs, and other debris. This may retain moisture and provide mould a place to grow.

General Maintenance:

You can make sure your Berg Playbase survives the winter and is ready for springtime enjoyment by performing a little preventative maintenance.

Clean it Up: 

Spend some time raking up the sandpit before winter arrives, getting rid of any lingering toys, stones, or trash. This will shield them from harm and avoid problems when playing comes back.

Tighten Up:

Make sure all of the screws, bolts, and nuts on your Berg Playbase are tight.

By adhering to these basic guidelines, you can make sure your Berg Playbase withstands the Irish winter and keeps giving your kids an enjoyable and engaging play area come springtime. Always keep in mind that a little planning will pay off in the long term by saving you time and energy and freeing you up to concentrate on what matters—making enduring memories with your kids via imaginative play! Now that your Berg Playbase is winter-proof, start counting down to springtime adventures!

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