How Do Trampoline Or Rebound Therapy Help In Kids’ Rehabilitation?

October 19, 2023


Children with disabilities and brain injuries are often given physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and hydrotherapy. Different forms of therapies play a greater role in rehabilitation and exercise; Rebound Therapy is among the most exciting forms of therapy. Rebound therapy assists the kids in recovering from acquired brain injuries.

What Do We Mean By Rebound Therapy and What Is Its Functional Benefit?

Eddy Anderson, a physiotherapist and remedial gymnast, in 1969, had introduced the idea of using Trampolines in therapy. Using his experiences working with kids with special needs, Eddy Anderson could develop the exercising techniques by using the trampolines. Often Rebound Theraphy is said to be Trampoline Theraphy since it involves the bounce and movements of a trampoline. Now you can help your kid with a Berg Favorit Trampoline if your child is having special needs.

To justify how Rebound or Trampoline Therapy is any different, then make a note, that these are the therapy sessions to give many more benefits to the kids, apart from sole enjoyment. This therapeutic form of exercise allows for movements and rehabilitation for kids having physical or learning difficulties. Maybe, they might suffer from increased or reduced tone (hypertonia and hypotonia) and even learning difficulties; the Trampoline Therapy is a popular physiological therapy for them.

By using the properties of Berg Favorit trampolines, or any other similar trampolines, such as the speed of a bounce – the therapists help in promoting movements. Equally, the therapists might even use slow rhythmic bounces to create a relaxing and calm effect, specifically for kids having high muscle tone. Each session of Rebound Therapy can be tailored to suit the children’s needs.

The trampolines’s springs supply an energy source. When kids with physical disabilities bounce on springs, they experience “weightiness”. Here, the kids can move without restrictions, however, the opportunity is somewhat rare for kids with severe disabilities.

How Do the Robound Or Trampoline Therapy Benefit the Kids With Special Needs?

Along with benefitting physical functions, Rebound or Trampoline therapy has more merits. Kids have learning disabilities, sensory needs, and developmental disorders, like Autism Spectrum Disorder. By incorporating games within their sessions,  the therapists help the kids to develop their participation/teamwork skills, and sensory and communication skills.

On being coupled with physiotherapy, Rebound therapy has proven to be a hugely successful rehabilitation technique for kids with physical disabilities. These are the benefits Rebound Therapy has on kids –

  • Flexibility and coordination improve.
  • Core stability and head control are better promoted.
  • Spatial and body awareness increases.
  • Confidence with movement increases.
  • Communication and concentration skills improve.
  • The kid starts developing independence and power.
  • Exercise tolerance and stamina go high.
  • Tension alleviates through this therapeutic exercise form.
  • Balance increases. Even stability improves along with posture through movements.
  • Muscles start toning and limbs are strengthened.
  • Sensory integration is promoted.
  • A fun cardiovascular exercise form.
  • The digestive system is stimulated, and bowel function improves. Toxins are cleared from the body.

How Does Rebound Therapy Benefit the Kids Suffering With Cerebral Palsy?

When the kids are suffering from cerebral palsy, then in that condition, their movements and coordination are both affected. Their muscles become weak and stiff. Although many therapies are good in managing this condition’s symptoms yet Rebouund or Trampoline Therapy excitingly complements the commonly used therapies like physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and hydrotherapy.

Rather, there are kids who are suffering from severe learning difficulties and sensory issues due to brain injury. To help them concentrate better, Rebound or Trampoline Therapy is worthwhile for them to concentrate and be better focussed. Furthermore, it is an enjoyable method for enhancing teamwork improvements and developing communication and sensory skills.

In the end, we can summarize the whole discussion by pointing out that in Rebound or Trampoline Therapy, the therapeutic approach is to use the trampoline as a tool for providing sensory, physical, and emotional benefits to kids having developmental, emotional, or physical challenges. The controlled bouncing and movement on a trampoline this therapy has to be trained by qualified instructors or therapists.

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